Monday, May 14, 2012

Lagoon FAQ's


Q: How do I get my discount passes?
A: Discount passes are available through the following link:
Competitors need competitor passes, spectators need spectator passes, and there are also passes for parking. This year they have a new option - online ticketing. I don't know anything about it except that it is available through the same link. You are welcome to use either method. You may print as many discount passes for friends and family as you would like.

Q: When do the park rides open/close?
A: The park is open 10 am to 10 pm on Saturday only (May 19th)

Q: When will my child dance?
A: The final program is supposed to post online 10 days prior to the event. The schedule DID go up earlier today (May 10th) but was removed hours later. I am assuming they are making some updates/revisions, so I am going to wait to send the competition times until the schedule is re-posted.

Q: When do I have to meet up with my group?
A: We ask that you come meet up with your class to practice 1 hour before you are scheduled to dance. You need to be in costume with stage makeup done (girls). If you need extra time to change, give yourself that time so that we have a full hour to get ready. The competition frequently runs ahead of schedule so sometimes this 1 hr gets cut short. If the competition is running very behind, I will let the dancers go on a ride or two then meet back up. We are there to dance but I also want them to get the full value of their ride ticket - I know it is an expense!

Q: Where do I go??????
A: The competition is held at the pavilions in the Northeast corner of the park (behind the Jet Star). You can pick up a map when you arrive at Lagoon if you are totally lost, or here is a link to the park map. We will be dancing at the Davis and Canyon pavilions.

Q: Where can I change my clothes?
A: The competition provides changing rooms for both male and female competitors. If you need to bring a bag to leave with your dance stuff inside, I recommend leaving it with the BMDC group. We will have a tent/canopy set up on the grassy area near the pavilions. I would NOT recommend leaving a bag in the dressing rooms all day while you play at the park.

Q: I'm done what??
A: After the class is done dancing, we will go as a group so that the dancers can pick up their medals. Rankings are posted about 30 minutes after the completion of the dance. I recommend you go play then check back in to see what place you earned. I will bring their ribbons to class the following week and distribute them.

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